November 14, 2007

Understanding Win64 developement environment

Since Sun's developer doesn't seem to know Win64 development environment by Bugzilla #227049, I explain it

There is 2 CPU arch for Win64

  • IA64 (aka Itanium)
  • x64 (aka AMD64, x86_64)

Win64 tools such as complier and assember are included in the following products.

Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition doesn't have Win64 complier and linker. If you want to get Win64 build environment by non-fee, you have to use Platfrom SDK for Windows Server 2003. Platform SDK has version 14.x of CL.EXE (as same as major version of Visual Studio 2005).

Also, how about Platform SDK for Windows Vista? It is not good chooise. Becasue, it doesn't include assember such as ML64.EXE. Although I don't know why Microsoft decides it has no assember command, we must buy VS2005 STD/PRO if you need latest compiler and assember.

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