December 28, 2007

Mozilla build system with Windows Vista x64

I bought new note PC (Dell XPS M1210). So although I installed Vista x64 on this PC, I tried re-newal build system.

Latest Mozilla build system uses MSYS. But current stable version of MSYS doesn't work on Vista x64. Since latest Mozilla build system package uses stable version, it doesn't work well.

This issue is a famous issue. Because this is compatibility issue of Vista's WOW6432. To fork thread/process on Cygwin/MSYS, it uses CreateProcess() API and STARTUPINFO parameter. Due to a lack of Vista WOW6432 compatibility, it cannot pass fork information to waiting funtion. So sicne The wait object become invalid, fork always failed.

This issue already fix on latest code (version "1.0.11"). But it isn't released as stabled package. So you have to replace MSYS-1.0.DLL into \mozilla-build\msys\bin with 1.0.11 binaries. MSYS team has released 1.0.11 version DLL as MSYS-1.0.11-20071204.tar.bz2. After installing Mozilla build system, you extract it and have to replace DLLs.

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