February 18, 2008

Mobile Moday Tokyo

Today, there was a event for mobile device "Mobile Moday Tokyo" in KDDI designing studio. Today's presenters were Mike from W3C and Jay from Mozilla.org.

Mike's session is about current mobile web broswer design. You know, current Web broswer is 2 types, redering server typle and redering client type. Opera Mini and Skyfire is the example of former. Opera Mobile, Safari and S60 Browser is others. Mike's presentation is for beginner for bisuness people.

Jay's session is about Firefox mobile. He explain that it is designed how is matched for mobile device.. Also, he said that it will be released at late of 2008.

Also, pictures are here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/41841117@N00/sets/72157603934505259/).

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